Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Latest Google Updates - Broad Core Algorithm Update

What is a Broad Core Algorithm Update?

Google does not generally announce updates to its core algorithm because the core algorithm updates happen almost every day, possibly twice a day. This update is different. It isn’t one of the usual daily Google updates. This update is a kind of update that happens several times per year. Google calls this update a Broad Core Algorithm Update.

Broad Core Algorithm Update Clues

  • The update was focused on providing better search results
  • There is nothing wrong with sites that lost rankings
  • There is no way to “fix” sites that lost rankings
  • The improvements are focused on the content but it is not a “quality” issue

“Each day, Google usually releases one or more changes designed to improve our results. Some are focused around specific improvements. Some are broad changes. Last week, we released a broad core algorithm update. We do these routinely several times per year….”

Broad Core Algorithm Update

This is likely similar to previous core algorithm updates, only on a broader scale. Google has been updating the core algorithm on a daily basis since at least 2012 ( 665 updates per year).

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Latest Google Algorithm Update 2018 - Hawk Update

Latest Google Algorithm Update 2018 - Hawk Update

     The Latest Google algorithm update 2018 was "Hawk Update" which is an updated version of "Possum" was made to change the way of filtering the local search results. 

What is the Hawk Update?

Before knowing about the Hawk Update you must know about the possum update which was developed by Google to filter local search results also called as Google My Business Listings in the local three-pack that were physically related to other businesses. So, here the major issue occurs for some businesses as their business listings start disappearing. 

To overcome this problem Google invented Hawk Update which makes some changes in filtering the local search results. The name itself consists of a meaning that Hawk because hawks eat possums. 

How Hawk Update works? 

Hawk helps google to filter out only search results that pop-up within the same building. If four business listings are submitted to the google with same office address and different titles then Hawk Update comes forward to filter these business listings and make one genuine listing into visible by combining four titles into one under the official office address.

To know clearly about the Hawk Update just go to this below image:

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Latest Google Algorithm Update 2018 - Fred Update

What is Google Fred? 

      Google Fred is a Latest Google Algorithm Update 2018 that targets black-hat techniques that tried to rank well in the google with aggressive monetization. This includes fully loaded with ads and low-value content. This does not mean all the sites are going to be hit by the Google Fred update but some dummy sites created for ad revenue may be the majority of websites affected were low content sites that have a large number of ads and seem to have been created for the purpose of generating revenue.

What websites were affected by Google Fred?

  • The major one is the site with an overload of ads
  • If the content is created only for ranking purpose
  • If the content is not related to site and ads affiliated with content
  • Low-Value Content
  • Deceptive Ads

How to know whether your site is affected by Google Fred algorithm update?

   If your site's rankings are going down and found difference in organic results then your site is almost affected by Google Fred update

Google Fred Recovery

  • The Google Fred update is mainly focused on sites having the high presence of ads and low-value content. So, the major recovery is to fix those two things by changing some modifications in ads scale and improving the quality of your site content.
  • One more thing to do is just simply follow the google search quality rater guidelines